Surprise Emails

So I figured I would try something a little different. I am making surprise emails! Once you have purchased you will get an email from me with your "Surprise Goodies". No I will not tell you what you are getting before you order that is the surprise lol, but you will not be disappointed ^.^

Just a note, the surprise emails contain stuff that is NOT available in my shop! Each Surprise Email contains different items eg. Surprise email 1 will be totally different from Surprise Email 2. So you will never get the same stuff. If you have any questions you can email me about it =)

The surprise email may have lines, bases, tubes also a gift certificate for my site. You can buy the email for yourself or gift a friend :) Please refer to my terms of use regarding images.
You will be allowed to tube the graphics to make a profit. Any questions and you can email me
Please fill out the form and email to me:

What are you ordering?:
Paypal address:
Delivery address:

Surprise Email 1:  $10.00

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